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Her speciality was pediatric medicine. I found traditional education horribly lacking in science and social studies, not to mention boring in its methods of drill and kill regurgitation. Montessori facts Montessori programs are less common, but are beginning to appear in substantial numbers, initially as middle school programs and gradually as high school programs as well.

Communication Always talk to them properly in a clearly articulated voice. In the first thirty years of the twentieth century, the Montessori method seemed to offer something for everyone.

When my mom came in for my knee surgery and bought a TV, I was afraid the poor woman was going to have a heart attack. For example, the children were taught that there were 4 elements- Earth, wind, fire and air, and that the continents were islands floating on the ocean.

Her Life and Work. However, she left Italy in when fascists came to power. Montessori is the name of a very popular approach for teaching preschool and primary age children.

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The children remained at the center from dawn to dusk while their parents worked, and had to be fed two meals per day, bathed regularly, and given a program of medical care. Her studies led Montessori to the work of two almost forgotten French physicians of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries: The degree to which any school can be called Montessori is dependent on several factors.

For history, the children were taught "history as a developmental process paralleling children's development, with Western Civilization at the pinnacle",and ancient myths and legends as historical facts. The survey of 1, U.

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Many would agree that a highly influential book published in by Professor William Kilpatrick of Columbia UniversityMontessori Reexamined, may have led many American educators to dismiss Montessori unfairly as being an intellectual holdover from the outdated and no longer accepted theories of faculty psychology.

Many small schools are proprietary schools owned by an individual. What are your experiences with Waldorf Education? The children loved to sit on the floor, so she bought little rugs to define their work areas and the children quickly learned to walk around work that other children had laid out on their rugs.

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I pushed hard to do my student teaching in the school. I would be able to learn about it in-depth and separate what I was still hoping were the crazy misinterpretations from the true teachings. For parents, who are willing to overlook the religious concepts and themes for the beautiful setting and art based curriculum, a Waldorf school might be fine also.

As understanding of child development has grown, many contemporary American educators and those who would reform education have rediscovered how clear and sensible her insight was.

We offer education from the early years through elementary school.Bee House Montessori Daycare has been educating children using the Montessori Method since We recognize that children learn and develop in their own way and at their own pace and encourage them to work toward independence and self-motivation.

Physician Maria Montessori is recognized as one of the pioneers in the development of early childhood education. She is also credited with promoting a substantial number of important educational reforms that have worked their way over the course of the twentieth century into the mainstream of education.


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Maria Montessori founded the Montessori method in Italy in the early s and her scientific approach to education was shaped around the individual needs of the child. Her goal was to develop the child and their whole personality through a system that is.

23 Interesting Facts About Maria Montessori | Italian Educator + Quotes

Fast Facts. Date Founded Art and Liz Basler founded Montessori Academy in Ages Served Ages years old (Preschool through Kindergarten) Montessori Academy Staff Visit the Our Staff Page for a List of our Administrators and Teachers. Average Teacher to Student Ratio Primary Most classes have one lead teacher and one assistant Location: Montessori Academy Batavia, IL USA.

Montessori education is known for being hands-on. Learning materials are designed specifically for manipulation. Learning materials are arranged on the shelf from left to right and easiest to hardest.

Written by Lucy. Lucy is the guide for Children's House 1 and has been with WBMS since She was trained by the Montessori Center of Minnesota (AMI) and has a .

Montessori facts
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