A scientific analysis of the backhand stroke in tennis

On the plus side, Venus is tall, and her technique helped her get down to hit low balls. Name the best stroke, as opposed to the best one-off shot, of the first week of the Wimbledon championships and Murray's backhand would come first.

Then it will become automatic even when opponents change pace against you. Djokovic has tremendous make-up speed. From the loading phase, scapular elevation, horizontal abduction, and shoulder extension move the arm toward contact.

In fact, it is not so much a backhand as backhands — plural. Previous descriptions and analyses of the two-handed backhand model have not incorporated the role of a non-dominant extremity only the angles measured at the moment of hitting the ball were presented Reid and Elliott,and the quantitative analysis of contribution of translational and rotational movements of the trunk and upper extremities in the one-handed and two-handed backhand has not been carried out.

During this period, the game experienced an incredible surge of popularity. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 93, The tests were carried out in a laboratory. These differences suggest the need for a kinematic analysis, comparison and assessment of contribution of individual chain links to performing a movement, which can be also useful in obtaining additional information regarding both techniques.

When we grab a racket, we think we hit the ball with our arms. What is the unit turn? Djokovic often has a long follow-through with the racket head finishing over his right shoulder and almost touching his back.

I took this to mean that I could use the same grip on my forehand and one-handed backhand.

Manipulating constraints in children’s tennis to improve the backhand stroke

Two-handed Mechanics Because of the mechanics, the basic structure of the two-handed backhand is very similar among most players who use it. How does he manage to do that? Thigh and leg muscles are illustrated below.

This grip alignment allows the player to keep the racquet parallel with the forearm of the dominant hand.

Obviously, if players develop the key characteristics I just mentioned—and with earlier success—using the two-handed backhand, it stands to reason that more and more players will emerge among the highly skilled using the two-handed backhand.

According to Elliottthe factors which affect the speed of the stroke, confirming the effectiveness of the one-handed and two-handed backhand include: All the great two-handed players have a great return of serve.

Budge could hit his rolled backhand like the crack of doom, and it has been credited with transforming what was always a defensive stroke into an attacking one. The studies by Reid and Elliott demonstrated that a shorter time of performing the second phase of the strokes driving a racket towards the ball until the contact with the ball gives an opponent time to read the intentions of the player.

You better start from scratch and make sure you have grips that are going to produce power. The grip you use should be a key component of your swing. How does Djokovic adapt to low balls, which can be difficult for two-handed players? Biomechanically, Venus does not hit her backhand the most effective way.

You can attack short balls better with two hands. Gustavo Kuerten's one-handed backhand is one of the most beautiful and effective in the game. While the two-handed backhand has become the dominant stroke among both men and women professionals, we still see a considerable number of high-ranking players still implementing strong one-handed backhands.

During the backhand motion, the calf muscle is stretched and flexed continuously, as the tennis player runs and exerts effort in hitting the ball.

I work with kids on this all the time. Djokovic, however, takes it a little earlier than other players. The effect of one and two-handed backhand strokes on hand-eye coordination in tennis.Tennis Forehand Stroke Action of Biological Mechanics Analysis.

to the latest research results of the element analysis and logic analysis, analysis of forehand stroke technical movement, which make us more subtle and correct understand forehand technique and eventually be able to provide tennis scientific research mainly can be divided.

Why the one-handed backhand is a dying art in tennis Quinn Rooney/Getty Images A look into the reason why we are seeing a decline of the one-handed backhand shot in tennis.

Objective: This research examine the effectiveness of open and closed stance forehand strokes in terms of percentage of success, accuracy and also to investigate whether there is a relation between level of accuracy and the choice of forehand strokes used by tennis player.

The importance of shoulder movement to tennis

The backhand in the game of tennis is typically weaker than the forehand - both at the club level and the pro level tennis.

While there are different reasons why your backhand may have become a weaker stroke, it doesn't have to be a weak shot. In this tutorial, we will be looking at how to perform a backhand backspin/sidespin serve in table tennis/ ping-pong. As a more advanced serve, the idea is to prevent the receiver from making a strong attack against the serve, and hopefully force a weak return instead that can be third ball attacked.

The Physics of Tennis Essay; The Physics of Tennis Essay. Words 3 I will do my best to explain the forehand and backhand stroke, the serve and volley, the rules of tennis, and without a doubt the grandslam. The forehand stroke is the most popular in tennis.

The framework can be applied to different scientific phenomena and can be.

A scientific analysis of the backhand stroke in tennis
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